It all started one night while I was at Target with my dad. We were looking for a new toy when we meet him... His name was Zach. Now, at this time I loved Star Wars and it was my favorite thing ever. I knew a lot about it and apparently so did Zach. In fact, Zach knew even more about it then me! He told us what I thought was the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world; he told us about the Star Wars convention in Orlando!

At first me and my dad didn't believe him. Then he gave the website to my dad and told us some things that the convention would have. Now, at this time there was not very much info about what there would be there and who would be there.

It sounded so cool and so fun. I really wanted to go. But, unfortunately, it was six months away. It seemed like forever to me.

My dad and Zach talked for a little while longer, then we went home.

When we got home my dad looked into the convention some more. He found out some more information on it.

We were able to find out who some of the people there would be. My dad eventually bought us two tickets for the convention! One for me and one for him. It was still six months away which felt like forever to me.

Over the next few months more information on C6 came out. We found out who would be there and what would be there. We figured out what we would want to do there and who we would want to see. We couldn't wait.

Then came Summer.

We had many plans for summer. We were going to see our family, and I had some camps I would be going too. And then, at the end, it would finally be time to go to C6!

More and more time passed. I went to my camps and saw my family. But the closer it got to C6, the more I couldn't wait to go.

Eventually, there was only one week left until C6. Me and my dad went to a camp together during that week while my mom went to visit my brother. The camp was about a week, and a day or so after the camp would be over, it would be time for C6!

We enjoyed our time at the camp, but we were looking forward to C6.

After camp we went back to our house. My mom was still gone. We got packed up and waited for what would happen on the next day.