9:40am. 2/15/1898. Havana. The wind was blowing across the calm, cold, dark ocean waters of Cuba. It was an ordinary night in the Cuban port of Havana. Spanish ships were docked all over the port. But there was a special ship in the port this night. The United States ship, The USS Maine. Everything was quite, and then, all hell broke lose. A nerve racking boom was heard a

The USS Maine.

ll across the once calm ocean water. The sky was lit up with the bright colors of fire along with the foggy blackness of smoke. The ship: The USS Maine, was ablaze. The decks were burning, the sailors were rushing to the life boats, everyone was trying the get off the burning sinking ship. The flames were slowly being put out by the water that was creeping up onto the deck of the sinking ship. It was only a matter of time until the Maine would be engulfed  by the freezing cold black ocean water. Each second less and less if the ship was visible, until, only bow remained submerged. The stranded crew could be seen trying to swim to shore as the USS Maine sunk utterly to its death. The ship was never seen again... it has now been confirmed that the Spanish were behind this attack and for their act of trechery, they must be punished! America will not tolorate this! TO HELL WITH SPAIN! REMEMBER THE MAINE!!!